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Auditing company Moscow

Auditing company «Accounting and Control» was founded in June 2007. It is young fast-moving company, which integrates high qualified auditors with long experience of working in different fields of economy: building and construction industry, manufacturing, industry of distributing ethyl alcohol and spirituous, trade-purchasing industry, which includes import transaction, contract catering sector and it is not all but just a few business activities learned by our experts.

Our company set oneself up as outsourcing company, measured up to displace financial, planning and accounts departments.

Our main characteristic is perfect quality of rendered services. All processes pass the compulsive internal control. We always ready to help our clients and give possibility to control processes regarding his financial and economic activity.

We use strategy of concentrated advance by means of evolution one product. Our company offers services in the new markets to clients of «middle» and «premium» segments, who succeed in business and free from the contents of accounts department and cares of handing-over financial statement. By so doing you will decrease expenditures and stabilize your activity amid the global financial crisis.

In the long term the company will increase number of clients in 7 times, the quantity of workplaces in 3 times in 2009.

We aim to strengthen hand in industry sector, increase share of the market, outdistance rivals as a services and make better reputation.


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Head of Direct number +7 (985) 388-04-04

E-mail: law@law-control.ru

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